Chart Property Receivership and Recoveries will take reasonable steps to ensure that Clients are aware of:

• the complaints procedure.
• The complaint can be received in writing or by e-mail.
• The time limit for resolution.
• How it will be dealt with.
• Person dealing with the complaint
• Further action they can take if not satisfied.


When a complaint is received:

1. Record details of the complaint in the complaints file.

2. Give the complaint to Nigel or Heather London.

Acknowledge the complaint:

1. Nigel or Heather to write to complainant within 48 hours to acknowledge the complaint and clarify anything that is unclear.

2. Agree how to deal with the complaint for example a meeting or if the complainant is happy to talk on the phone.

3. Identify what it is the complainant wishes the outcome of the complaint to be.

4. Agree a timescale and review date.

Investigate the complaint:

1. Speak to all parties and investigate the complaint thoroughly.

2. Make written notes of investigation and keep a log of the progress being made.

Reply to the Complainant:

1. Reply to the complainant as per the complaints investigation log.

2. A clear statement of the issues, investigations and the findings, giving clear evidence-based reasons for decisions if appropriate.

3. Where errors have occurred, explain these fully and state what will be done to put these right, or prevent repetition.

4. An apology or explanation as appropriate.

Unreasonable Complaints

Where a complainant becomes aggressive or, despite effective complaint handling, unreasonable in their promotion of the complaint, some or all of the following formal provisions will apply and will be communicated to the Complainant:

• The complaint will be managed by one named individual at senior level who will be the only contact for the complainant
• Contact will be limited to one method only (e.g. email)
• Repeated complaints about the same issue will be refused
• Only acknowledge correspondence regarding a closed matter, not respond to it
. Set behaviour standards
• Return irrelevant documentation
• Keep detailed records

Annual Review of Complaints

Chart Property Receivership & Recoveries will establish an annual complaints report, incorporating a review of complaints received, along with any learning issues or changes to procedures which have arisen.

This will include:
• Statistics on the number of complaints received
• Justified / unjustified analysis
• Subject matter / categorisation
• Learning points
• Methods of complaints management
• Any changes to procedure, policies or care which have resulted

Review Date June 2015