Our Experience

Receivership Experience both recent and current

The following are a selection of appointments we are currently dealing with together with a selection of those we completed over the past 12 months. This is by no means an exhaustive list but has been prepared to show the diverse nature of the appointments that we are dealing with.


Shopping Centre in Essex circa £3m Retail investment in Leicester circa £400,000 Retail investment Birmingham circa £400,000 Shopping mall in Hampshire circa £4.7m Out of town retail Park market circa £20m Office and Retail investment Windsor circa 1.8m Retail supermarket in Surrey circa £450,000 Retail and residential in Birmingham circa £150,000 Retail investment in Ipswich circa £500,000 Retail portfolio in Southend on Sea, Croydon and Doncaster Two retail units in Bristol. Retail and Residential property S.London circa £800,000 Retail unit and flats Luton Retail and Residential Investment, Hackney circa £1.5m

Development and Refurbishment sites

Residential Development site in Greenwich circa £30m Mixed Use site in Ashford circa £10m Various unfinished sites in Kent which Chart built out circa £3m Development site in Newquay circa £3m Conversion/Refurbishment property N London £650,000 Large development site in Westward Ho circa £2m Student Accomodation site Hastings circa £550,000 Development sites in Ramsgate, Margeate and Dover where we secured planning Residential refurbishment portfolio of flats in Hampstead circa £4m Development site in West London circa £3m Part Finished Development site in Central London for 4 houses over an open tube line circa £1.9m Part completed residential development in Bridgnorth circa £3m Three hotel development sites in Manchester, Bradford and Normanton circa £3m Residential development site in near Carterton circa £2m Two Residential development sites in Margate and Birchington circa £1 Part Finished development site Cambridgeshire for 24 flats £1.2m Two virtually completed detached houses in surrey £1.95m Development site Weybridge total £1.8m Virtually completed development of 10 flats in Woking £3.25m Landmark part completed mixed use marina development in Essex Circa £17m

Industrial and Office Property

Industrial complex in NW2 circa £1.2m Vacant office building Gloucester circa £2m Office Investment in Marlow circa £2m Vacant Office building Sunbury on Thames £1.5m Office/Retail/B1 complex in Trowbridge circa £2m 4 acre gateway industrial site Felixstowe circa £2m

Residential Property

Residential Investments in Wandsworth, Eastbourne and Ramsgate circa £1.2m Residential investments in Swansea and Wrexham Residential investment block in Newquay circa £3m Single house in Bristol £145,000 Residential portfolio in East London (7 properties) circa £4m Two Central London Flats £4.2m Residential portfolio in Margate (8 properties) £1.1m Residential buy to let portfolio (24 properties) North London circa £15m


Hotel in Torquay £550,000